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romanian car manufacturer

Romanian car manufacturer automobile Dacia started
Romanian car manufacturer automobile Dacia started to cooperate with Renault in 1966 and the main Dacia factory was built in 1968, in Colibaşi in present called Mioveni, near Piteşti Romania.

Dacia 1100 The history of the Romanian car manufacturer Dacia

Dacia 1300 acquired the tooling and basic designs of Renault 12. However, until the tooling was ready it was decided to produce the Renault 8 under licence and it was known as the Dacia 1100. Also produced in very limited numbers was the 1100S, with twin headlamps and a more powerful engine, used by the police and in motor racing. The first Dacia 1300 left the assembly line in Mioveni ready in 1969, and was exhibited at the Paris and Bucharest shows of that year. Romanians were delighted with the modernity and reliability of the car, and waiting lists were always lengthy. Dacia also produced the D6, a CKD version of the Renault Estafette van, numbers were very limited. As early as 1970, there were several variants, the standard 1300, the 1300L and the 1301 Lux Super, which had novelties such as a heated rear screen, windscreen mirrors on both sides and a more luxurious trim and a radio. In 1973, the estate variant, Dacia 1300 Break, was produced. There were 1300F and 1300S, and in 1975 the Dacia 1302 pick-up was developed. In the very early 1980s, the Renault 20 was also assembled as the Dacia 2000.

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